Shelf Life

Shelf Life

Shelf Life of Hemptons' products (Best Before Date)

International cosmetic regulations require a Best Before Date to be indicated on products with a shelf life of 30 months or less. The Best Before Date is the date the product can continue to fulfill it's function and be safe for the consumer, if stored under the recommended conditions.

Please be assured we take product stability and shelf life claims very seriously. To that end, we make substantial investments in assessing product stability using industry standard protocols such as microbiological challenge testing and accelerated stability testing.

It is so important to us that you use our products at their most potent and fresh, we take extra measures that are above industry standard to ensure product safety and quality. These include assessment of the potential for microbial contamination, extensive quality control testing of raw materials and finished products, rigorous examination of packaging integrity, constant review of analytical data from suppliers and ensuring our manufacturing facilities minimise exposure to contaminants. We combine these investigations with an understanding consumer habits and practices, and, importantly, our experience with such unique formulations.

Based on our analyses, we are pleased to announce that unless otherwise specified, Hemptons products now have a 30 month shelf life. Exceptions are the Lip Balms, which have a 12 month shelf life.

We recommend most Hemptons body products be used within 6 months of opening, which will ensure you are using products at their most potent and beneficial to your skin, hair and body. The Lip Balms should be used within 1 month of opening, which follows dermatologists' recommendations for replacement of products exposed to higher microbial contamination i.e. direct application of product to mouth via a finger.

We are committed to providing our customers with products with as long a shelf life as possible. We guarantee that you will receive products with at least the “use-within” period before the Best Before Date, which is 6 months for most Hemptons products and 3 months for the Lip Blams.

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