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Our Hemp Seed Oil is cold pressed from industrial hemp seed. It has a distinct hemp fragrance and is emerald green in colour.

Tree Hugger Hemp Seed Oil Hemp Finish can be used on bare wood, over milk paint, chalk paint and to revive old wood. This naturally thin viscosity oil will penetrate well into porous surfaces.

Safe for indoor wood items in kitchens, such as cutting boards, wooden utensils and counter-tops and outdoors on furniture, beams and decking.

This is not a heavy duty product and is recommended for light to medium use items and traffic.

It takes between 7 to 10 days for a partial cure and 15 to 30 to cure fully.

Do not use this product on Leather. Hemp Seed Oil is a drying Oil. It will cause the leather to crack and prematurely destroy your leather goods.

Our products are not reported to cause allergic reactions. However, we recommend that sensitive individuals do their own evaluation.

Hemp Seed Oil can be applied directly onto any wood surfaces.

Hemp Seed Oil is a great wood finish restorer. It can repair worn wood finishes just by simply wiping it onto the surface of the wood.

Hemp Seed Oil is especially useful for sealing and protecting wooden kitchen items such as cutting boards, wooden utensils and wooden bowls.

Hemp Seed Oil is best used for lightly to moderately used items. The number of coats of oil to be applied will be determined by the intended use of the piece. One to two coats are enough for decorative work, panelling and moulding. For surfaces that receive moderate to heavy use or handling need a minimum of three coats for maximum protection.

Wood Preparation

If necessary, sand down the wood to remove old paint and/or varnish.

Brush down thoroughly to remove all loose particles.

Wood stains should be applied and allowed to dry, before the oil is applied.

There is no need to thin Hemp Seed Oil due to its natural thin viscosity.


Furniture Restoration 

Apply Hemp Seed Oil with a lint free cloth, such as an old t-shirt or broad brush

Wipe liberally onto surface

Allow the oil to soak into the surface for up to 2 hours

Wipe off any excess oil that may be on the surface

Allow Hemp Seed Oil to cure for 7 to 10 days before use.

Raw Wood 

The first coat of Hemp Seed Oil should be a liberal one.

Apply with a natural bristle brush, sponge brush, or a thin foam roller.

Allow this coat to sit for a minimum of and hour so the oil can soak in. When it has soaked into the wood, apply another coat immediately. Continue to apply coats, one after another, until the wood is saturated and stays glossy for up to an hour. If eighty percent of the area stays glossy, the wood cells are saturated and this can be considered your final coat.

Now, wipe down the surface with a clean rag to remove any excess oil that is on the surface. Continue to check for any seeping in the next few hours and remove this as well. Do not allow oil to remain pooled on the wood overnight.

Curing Stage

Hemp Seed Oil will take 7 to 10 days for a minimum cure and 15 to 30 days for a full cure.

Apply till the surface reaches a saturation point and the oil remains pooled on the wood after an hour or two.

Renewal and/or maintenance coats should be thinly applied when needed.

Don’t worry about how many coats you should apply, let the wood tell you when it has reached its maximum saturation.

This product will give you a surface that will stand up to use and spills: water will bead on the surface.

After the Hemp Seed Oil has completely cured (minimum 30 days) cleaning of the surface can be done using hot water and mild soap, such as dish soap. Avoid using hard chemicals or acids for cleaning.

Standard Grade Hemp Seed Oil, Proprietary 100% Natural Preservative

  • Our Hemp Seed Oil is made by cold pressing the seed of industrial Hemp

This 100% plant-based premium penetrating oil for new and old unfinished woods is excellent on wood fencing, timber-work, furniture, decking, paneling and trim.

It rejuvenates, weatherproofs and enhances the innate beauty of wood surfaces. Reduces peeling, blistering and cracking.

Hemp Seed Oil dries to a matte finish.

This naturally thin viscosity oil will penetrate porous surfaces well.

Use on bare wood, over milk paint, chalk paint, cutting boards, carved utensils, and to revive old wood finishes.

Safe for wood items in kitchens, such as cutting boards, wooden utensils and counter-tops.

Good as a wood sealant for items outside such as furniture and wooden decks - as the oil is a drying oil, it will create a varnish-like sealant when dry.

1 Litres of Hemp Seed Oil Wood Finish will cover approximately 15 m

Takes 7 to 10 days for a partial cure, 15 to 30 day for a full cure.

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